To 'Dhenu Inventory Management System', is one of the most powerful Inventory Management System for every Company, Realtor or any Buisiness .

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Perfect For Today. Ready For Tomorrow.

Move with the fast and ever changing world of Cable TV services.

Product Management

Manage your Inventory's Stock from Wires (that don't catch fire) to Equipments (that don't fail you).

Buyer and Seller Management

Best in class Buyer and Seller Management that tell you which buyer gives you more profit and which one causes the Loses in your account.

Monetary Management

Now Manage your Purchases and Sales like never before with Batches, Tax Calculation, Profit and Loss Calculation, Advance Deposit, Discounts, Receipts and Reports.

Responsive Design

Now Access your account from anywhere, be it PC, Tablet or Mobile, You get full features at the ease and comfort of your Device.

Hardware Support

Get a cloud based Hand-Held Billing Machine which enables instant updates of data from the fields and tacking of Purchases and Sales


Provide On the Go Billing and Receipts to the customers from our line of Hand-Helds or Provide receipts at the comfort of your office.


Equipped with a great report generation system which enables you to generate & export different types of reports quickly & easily.

Backup and Privacy

Your Data, Our Priority. With features like Daily Backup and Encryption we keep your data safe, and Promise to maintain your privacy at all costs.

Our Clients

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